Biometric Office Automation

Biometric time and attendance system has brought more precise system to measure group or individual’s activities and attendance as well.

Now the question arise that how does these biometric attendance systems work? Biometric attendance machine captures your unique biological/physical feature such as your hand or finger print, iris pattern and sometimes even your voice as a record for identity verification and allows you to perform something that you are authorized to do.

Biometric time attendance machines also count employees’ work schedule, like which employee did what, and at what time did he do it, etc. Biometric attendance system is a foolproof technology to ensure the accuracy of attendance and is useful to the ones who deal with large number of employees.

Conclusion on Biometric & Workforce Management:
  • Biometrics has been used effectively for more than a decade for time and attendance and workforce management. Despite widespread use, confusion and misconceptions about the technology and its capabilities persist. These concerns are easily dispelled when the facts about biometrics are established.

  • Biometrics offers unparalleled ability to quickly and accurately capture real-time, labor data and provide a nonrepudiated audit trail.

  • Biometrics has undergone intense scrutiny and the results are in - when properly deployed, biometrics work well and are safe, secure, and accurate.

  • Biometrics offers organizations a broader range of direct and indirect time, cost, and operational benefits than alternative time and attendance methods.

  • Today over one hundred thousand thriving organizations rely on Easy Clocking’s time & attendance systems to automate their employee attendance and as a result they are seeing a significant reduction in direct and indirect labor costs.

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