Jewellery Management

What is Jewelry Management?
A jewelry company faces a tremendous task of maintaining, and accounting for tens of thousands of jewelry items in a single store. Adding to that, losses of jewelry items through theft and misplacements cost jewelry companies thousands and more a year.

Using RFID technology there are unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewelry industry. Being capable of handling simultaneous multi-scan capabilities, jewelers will not be manually accounting for each jewelry item one piece at a time. With RFID in place, jewelry can scan, detect batches of jewelry items all at once. The convenience the technology offers also implies the feasibility of running real-time monitoring of jewelry goods everyday of the week, thereby heightening security throughout.

Using Fixed readers or portable Handheld readers, all the inventory can be tracked and monitored. At the end of the day, a particular missing jewelry item can be traced easily with this technology. Any jewelry item that is being issued for unauthorized users or any misplacement can be alerted as soon as the item is in unauthorized zone.

Complete database can be maintained to help in stock auditing at the end of the week or month. Improves ROI and eases the method of handling jewelry items.

Jewelry Management System is used for:
  • Track and trace all stock items.
  • Track and trace all movements of stock versus staff member.
  • Stock control and stock take any time its required and done quickly to minimize time lost with customers.
  • Save 90% of time for stock taking and enhance the accuracy of your inventory.
  • Every Check In or Check Out from the inventory is recorded.

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