MAYASHS services every System we install. We understand that you have a business to run and can't get bogged down in trying to maintain the operational fitness of all your Systems. Let us design a custom service plan that removes the time and worry involved with having to maintain your systems - and replace it with the peace of mind knowing that all your Systems are operating at peak performance.

We Follow below mentioned Protocol :

System and process analysis :
Our systems consultants will help examine business processes, pinpoint areas of inefficiency or loss, priorities a schedule of cost effective improvements and help quantify the resulting return on investment.

RFID Expertise :
Mayashs has worked with many different RFID technologies, tags, readers, antennas, protocols and standards, experience which helps quickly choose the appropriate solution for each problem.

Technology Integration :
Mayashs relevant data from other sources, for example cameras and other optical sensors, proximity sensors, micro switches, weighbridges, biometrics and bar codes.

Software Development :
The ability to collate all information received from whatever level, use it to control processes, analyse and report data.

Hardware Development :
The ability to develop custom hardware control systems using embedded computer and RFID components to make a solution possible.

System Integration :
To share and exchange information with downstream enterprise systems.

Scalability :
Well established relationships with a network of partners and sub contractors that allows a Mayashs solution to grow from a small pilot run to staging and deployment of thousands of units in a short time.

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