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Mayashs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are one of the highly experienced organizations, engaged in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of Smart Card Reader.

The readers are used for e-payment, e-ticketing, access control and mass transit applications. To design the readers we use high quality materials, sourced from the reliable vendors.

The Smart Card Reader helps users for instant access to their data. These readers operate on radio frequency identification technology.

  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe to use
Mayashs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can supply one to four port RFID readers, fixed RFID readers, Handheld RFID reader, Mobile RFID reader and wireless RFID readers for communicating with external networks such as cellular and WiFi. Mayashs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. supply smart card readers for contact card, contact less card, hybrid card, proximity cards and many more to extract information from them for transaction purpose. So, get in touch with us and get started to ensure supplies of high quality smart card reader as per requirement of business.

Tyes of Readers:-
  • One Port RFID Readers: Single port or all-in-one RFID readers - Great for RFID applications that require a single read point.

  • Two Port RFID Readers: Two port readers - RFID applications that require up to two read points.

  • Four Port RFID Readers: Four port readers - utilized for high accuracy or difficult to read RFID applications

  • Fixed RFID Reader: Fixed readers are suitable for applications like tracking items through dock doors, conveyors, doorways or any stationary choke point

  • Handheld RFID Reader: RFID readers in a ergonomically size package. Great for RFID applications that require portability.

  • Mobile RFID Reader: Readers with the durability and form factor to be mounted to mobile vehicles or used by mobile employees.

  • Wireless RFID Readers: Readers with the capability to communicate with external networks such WiFi or cellular

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