Time & Attendance

Catering to the requirements of diverse institutions, Mayashs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offer a comprehensive range of time attendance system. Our range of time attendance system include time attendance recorders, fingerprint time attendance system, biometric time attendance system, card finger TAS, card base TAS and various others.

These security surveillance equipment and digital surveillance equipment, systems find extensive usage in schools, colleges and offices for recording the attendance of students or staff members. Procured from well-known manufacturers of the market, these systems are appreciated for easy enrollment, fast clocking systems and easy to use management software.

In addition, our systems are available with the facility for using either a fingerprint or a card or a combination of both for the purpose of time management.

We provide advanced time and attendance system which is based on biometric finger print. This product has some salient features like:
  • Delicate exterior
  • LCD with four lines display
  • Digital keyboard; very convenient to input numbers
  • Transaction storage can reach 30000 records
  • Can be hung on the wall
  • Developed on LINUX platform
  • With Window based Software
  • All reports in Excel Format

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